What Works

It is time to master finding joy in the journey, the best medicine.

We often find ourselves asking these questions…

“…How can we feel gratitude yet want more out of life? How do we maximize our abilities without concern for recognition or remuneration? …How can we better manage our schedule and convert being busy to being productive? How do we survive hard times? How can we find meaning and purpose in all that we do? How can we embrace obstacles that seem to get in our way and slow down our progress?” Dave Blanchard, Og Mandino for the 21st Century

Learn this very powerful and very essential rule of success: find joy in every moment of life.

How would it feel to end overcompensating behaviors, to not pursue that need to impress or pretend? How would it feel to end the complaining, free from the need to let others know how hard life is or how much we are suffering and the sacrifices we make?  How would it feel to be at peace in any setting?  Imagine the feeling of wholeness and completeness, genuine and authentic comfort in our own skin.

Discover how the simple act of finding and expressing joy will unleash huge reserves of energy.  This will not only speed up the creation process, but it will release us from a life of overwhelm and frustration.

What sabotaging thoughts imprison you?  If I said some of the thing to you that you allow your thoughts say about you, could we be friends?  Too often and too easily we become victims, takers, energy suckers.  This is such a contrast from the joy that supports productivity!

Bottom line: Seek joy! Rise above sabotaging thoughts, embrace our natural gift of choice and change.  Discover that abundance is not to be received or won, but is a process in which we actively participate and eventually become.

Smile.  This is the simplest, timeless secret for creating joy and finding prosperity.

“We invite you to take an Intentional Creation Assessment. Measure your thought processes. Discover which thoughts are resisting and which thoughts will support you…This is your life. Choose to live it well.”  Dave Blanchard, Og Mandino for the 21st Century

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