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As we are building, we will be having many products roll out in coming months. In the midst of launching these products, we want to set aside this page for special offers to those who visit our website while we are under construction and gradually release our product line.

We want to build something our visitors love and want to hear from YOU! Particularly now during our development phase, please tell us what you like, what suggestions you have, and even what frustrates you about your visit here. Keep in mind that because we are building, things may not be fixed right away, but they will be addressed!

SO for your patience and understanding, and in hopes that you keep coming back to see whats new, whats different, and maybe even see your suggestions included, we will be having special offers here that will not be a typical product offering. Some of the offers here may simply be limited time because we put them in the vault as bonuses for other purchases, some may become something bigger (and you will have access to the new & improved product even if the price went up), and some may just be discontinued as we evolve.

That being said, our first special offer for 2016 will be the 3-Report-Bundle. These reports are going to be sold independently and we will be rolling individual product pages out later this year. But for now, since the reports are ready, why not share them!

Here’s your chance to grab something that will not be for sale at this price ever again!

Report #1: Reward Goals

Report #2: Stop Waiting

Report #3: Guilt-Free Play

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Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.41.46 PM






These reports are short 3-5 page reports with lots of great tips jam-packed together in one short overall perspective topics:

  • Reward Goals: Setting the right goals and achieving those goals
  • Stop Waiting: Getting over procrastination and no longer putting things off
  • Guilt-Free Play: Setting aside time for you to rest, unwind, and recoup – everybody needs some playtime!

These reports have values of $47 each, thats $141 total for all of them. But we want to make this easy and give you a sneak peak of the great products we have planned, so in 2016 the price will be 3 for the price of 1! Meaning all 3 reports will sell for $47.

I can hear you now.. “But wait, it says it’s only $15..?”

Guess what..?! Until we finish our main pages, we will be selling all 3 reports for less than a third the price of one! That’s only $15 for all 3 reports!!! How’s that for a Special Offer?!

Get them now, for only $15

We invite you again to please leave your comments below telling us what you liked about our website and what you didn’t like. Tell us how we can make your visits better and stay tuned for more special offers throughout the rest of the year as we launch more awesome products!

P.S. As soon as first product package rolls out, this bundle price will go up to $47. 

P.S.S. Also remember, as soon as we start launching the products these reports will be bundled with, this special offer will go away completely! You will no longer be able to buy these reports in a bundle and they will be for sale separately at $47 EACH. So grab them now!

P.S.S.S Want to know when we update the special offer page with something new? Enter your email in the form below, or simply check back to this webpage ever so often. We will only send you special offer updates:

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