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Success Momentum

Success Momentum

Build momentum toward success and achievement by managing your daily activities and priorities.
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The Money Maker

The Money Maker

There is an abundance of money in Real Estate. Doesn't matter what you do, just do something. Let's get started!
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The Daily Shuffle

The Daily Shuffle

We will be releasing a new product package very soon! Everybody wishes they had more time... more time to finish projects and work tasks, more time to learn and study, more time to workout and exercise, more time to do the things you want to do! Now you can...
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Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Build joy into your life, the dirty work pays off. These are the real secrets for creating prosperity.
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Newly Added Special Offers Page

What’s this new Special Offers page all about?  Well, we are finishing the building of and preparing to launch a few new products this year. As it turns out, we have some pieces completed while still working to finish other pieces that will become part of a larger product offering. We also have the idea that if we ‘test’ market a few of our incomplete products, we can make them better or simply go in a different direction. This is why we have introduced the Special Offer page.

Throughout the year, always prior to a product launch, we will offer very low prices for some great stuff. This means our early visitors will be privy to the best prices as well as help shape how we develop our final products! We do not need your email, but we do welcome comments and critiques here on the site. If you would like to be informed of these early release special offers-and we will only send you notice when we have a special offer released-here’s a form to enter your email:

Our first Special Offer for 2016 is available now and it includes 3 short reports packed with specific and pointed information. No fluff and wordy explanations, just actionable information you can use immediately. Each report is only 3-5 pages and each report will be a bonus offer for separate future products that will go into depth and detail relating to the topics included in the reports. This information has been aggregated from many different sources, all of which can be found on the resources page of this website where there is a listing of books for sale from Amazon. Of course you do not have to buy the books here, we just want to provide an easy list for your reference. Some of our product content also comes from experiential learning and real life situations. We also want to encourage our visitors to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to get exposure to interactive learning as well. Reading and research can teach you quite a bit, but hands-on can give you new perspective. At this time we do offer and do not plan to offer conferences or seminars, but there are some great ones out there that we have attended (and continue to attend).

Here’s a peek at the reports and go check them out on the Special Offers page if your interested. Thanks for visiting!

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We Are Everywhere

We are now on Instagram and Twitter in addition to Facebook and Youtube! You can follow us on your favorite social media platform or on all of them because not everything we post is repeated in all locations.

Inspirational and motivational mantras are what we are all about here at Independent Prosperity. That means our Instagram will soon fill with image quotes to get you on the right mindset every week. Twitter will be our newsfeed will any and all updates pertaining to the website, events and milestones, products and any other fun things we may think of along the way. The Youtube channel will soon offer some fun videos documenting our growth and sharing good ideas. And, of course, don’t forget about our Facebook Fanpage.

As always, if you like something you see here on the website, we have these easy and convenient share buttons below.  If you don’t see the social media platform you want to share on just click the blue plus button and you can choose the one you want:

First Product Launch!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.37.12 PMWe are just about to launch our first product about building success momentum! Get in early and get yourself going on the right track and build on what your already doing to accelerate your achievements. Check out Easy Success Momentum™ and the great bonuses we’ve included at an unbeatable introductory price. This great price will not be this low for long because we have more products in the pipeline that we will be launching in the coming months. As we ramp up our product line and take on more customer consultations (see the bonus offerings) we will be adjusting according to supply and demand on our time and resources. Growth is always a good thing, but it has to be managed well to ensure customer satisfaction and our followers are our number one priority! Check back to see changes, updates, and new releases.

Be sure to get in on the ground floor pricing of these launches by following us on Facebook for up-to-date releases at Independent Prosperity

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Smart Thinking

I just finished reading the book Smart Thinking by Art Markman, PHD which went over some great ideas in cognitive science to help the reader understand how the mind works, how memory works, and how to effectively learn and use knowledge. In the pursuit for your independent prosperity, reading and increasing your knowledge should be a main objective. It will expedite and disburden your journey. This is a great book to start with to ensure you effectively absorb and use knowledge to build your prosperity. IMG_0037

3 key ideas from the book:

The brain often works in 3’s. Most people can only retain memory of about 3 things from any one event, presentation, meeting, book, situation, observation, etc. An example provided in this book was a baseball game where the 3 main things you may remember are: 1-home run hit, 2-unfair out called, 3-batter getting hit by a pitch. In this baseball game example, that person may remember 3 details about each: 1-who hit the home run, 2-how many runners were on base, 3-the pitchers that got switched as result. Therefore, to enhance your memory, practice summarizing the 3 most important points of any event/situation to solidify your retention of the information. Also, when teaching or presenting to others, keep in mind the rule of 3 and try not to overstimulate your audience with too many facts or topics.

Memory is triggered by associations: similarities in either objects, or relationships. Solving problems depends on our ability to draw on past experiences that relate in some way to the current problem, providing insight and perspective on options for solving that problem. Most people trigger memory through similar objects, but triggering memory through relationship using analogies is much more effective most of the time. Practice rewording problems in a more abstract description when trying to find a solution as this will help trigger more memories through relational context (analogies) that don’t necessarily have similar objects – use proverbs.

Repetition creates habits that become automatic. If you want to change a habit, become aware of what triggers the automatic behavior and find something to replace the unwanted habit. An example from the book: trying to stop eating snacks while watching TV. The trigger is sitting down in front of the TV and you can replace the habit of eating with knitting, engage your hands in some other activity.  If you want to create a new habit, practice the action and link it to a trigger that will help it become instinctual. An example from the book: remembering where you put your car keys. Place a hook by the front door that you see when you come home that will remind you to put your keys there. How can you improve your smart thinking habits? How can you create the new habit of summarizing the 3 main points after every meeting, lecture, book, convention, etc? What other ways can help you think about things more abstractly besides proverbs?

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Repositioning and Reactivation

I’ve written many, many articles on marketing and even a marketing book for the Notes Industry and to tell you the truth, not much has changed in the last couple of years. Results are achieved through testing and retesting different marketing methods until one works for you. What works for one person doesn’t always work exactly the same for another person.  Maybe you heard that one person has been having good results from direct mail, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Or another person has been getting deals by using the internet; it doesn’t mean it will work for you.  There are no tricks or secrets or easy ways to get results quickly.

Let’s define marketing as finding the most amounts of prospects in the least amount of time for the least amount of money. Your marketing needs to be efficient, targeted and manageable.  Your marketing plan needs to be in writing and you need to have three to five marketing methods working for you all times. In addition, your marketing needs time to work, nothing is instantaneous, you need to be able to sustain yourself while your marketing develops.

After a couple of months of trying a thing or two you may have to tweak something to make it work better or just to keep it working.  It may take six month to a year or more of testing one particular marketing method until you get the results that you want. OR to find out that the marketing method that you were trying doesn’t work for you and you need to focus your efforts on some different marketing methods. Once you achieve the results you were looking for it won’t last forever. You will need to constantly change things up to keep a steady deal flow coming in.

Once you find 3-5 marketing methods that work for your business you then need to keep on top of them by changing a thing or two from time to time, reposition your stance or reactivate an old tried and true method.  I was recently reading a marketing book (yes, after 20+ years I’m still trying to do it better) and I came across John Romero’s 7 Rules for Repositioning and Reactivation. Since I believe these same rules apply to  every business, here they are: Read More

Is The American Dream DEAD?!


Life is not hopeless, this economy is not hopeless, the American Dream is NOT DEAD! In fact this is the time to embrace opportunity and create YOUR Dream, like so many others already have!

You may be in doubt or even skeptical about your own future. Or better yet, you are agreeing with me but unsure HOW YOU can go about creating YOUR American Dream and escaping the American Nightmare that you may currently be living. I want you to know, THERE IS A WAY!

Discover how you can get to where you want to be, rediscover lost hope and be inspired.  There is a wealth of resources right here at your fingertips.  Keep coming back and read information about building dreams and creating the life you desire.

Come check out the free webinar series and meet people who are currently achieving abundance & affluence; who came from hopelessness and despair through these challenging economic conditions, and who want to help others achieve their personal prosperity as well.  Discussing everything from Real Estate, Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, to building better relationships with your business partners!

Don’t give up, “be the change you want to see in the world.” -Ghandi

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